May 2013

"Hi there. Yes, I visited London, in the weekend of April 20-21, 2013. My main purpose was to see a photographic exhibition in Greenwich (Ansel Adams), but on the way back on Sunday morning I visited the crossing. Being an avid pinhole photographer (with home cameras without a lens - the ancient "camera obscure" technique), of course I took some pictures. But as you can see: a picture taken with a pinhole camera shows it from quite a different perspective! This photo was taken on Sunday morning around 10:30, April 21, 2013. Exposure time was three seconds. That is my foot in the front :-) Kind regards, Danny Kalkhoven, Utrecht/NL"
"Date: April 21 2013. From: Moophz Himself - Been to London for a business trip, had to take my lunch break to crossjump the crosswalk! - Moophz Himself"
"This is Mo Bile Homer and friends and they all are currently residing in Las Vegas, NV. You can follow him on FaceBook by adding him...just search Mo Bile Homer"
"Hi, we are Eduardo and Juliet from Miami......................
......................crossing on May 16, 2013"