August 2011

"Hi there. We visited London and this picture was taken on 19 July 2011. I am Sandra from the Netherlands and a Beatlesfan for over 30 years now. We (my husband and I) visited with our 2 nephews Marc (16) and Kevin (17) - they are the tall guys on the outsides. :-) Regards from Zutphen, Netherlands."
"Hello. My name is Yoshi"Dino"NAKAO. I am from Japan. I live in Kobe which is in the west part of Japan. In the picture it is me. It was taken on July 27, 2011 with my camera by my wife Miyuki. I dreamed to stand here since I was 14 years old !"
"Hi, my name is Thomas and my girlfriend Iris and I were two weeks ago at Abbey Road (24th July 2011). In the early afternoon there were about 20 people at the crossing but my girlfriend managed to take a picture of me without the others. A truly special experience for a Beatles fan. We are from Hardt, Nittendorf in Bavaria, Germany. Greetings to all - Tom and Iris"
This is Katie Hamilton from Texas, U.S.A. visiting the crossing on July 25, 2011.
These three pictures are from Jennie Dunne who must be one of the most frequent visitors to Abbey Road. No mean feat considering that she and her husband Adrian live in Australia! This is already her third set of pictures since we started this site.

"Hi Jeff! Here are some pics we took during our recent visit on July 9th 2011. Above, me on the crossing............. the wall...........
....................and just around the corner to see if Paul was at home! The book I'm carrying is called 'A Date With A Beatle' by author and facebook friend Judith Kristen. A fascinating book. Check it out :)"

Thanks Jennie. I look forward to receiving the next set of pictures! Jeff

This is Brooks Boyd from Houston, TX. Crossing Abbey Road in August 2011