November 2016

"Good day!! We are from New England, New Hampshire to be exact. We crossed on the 11th of November 2016. We are Mike and Barbara Bailey and Dylan and Abbey Archer. PS: Abbey is our daughter and is named after this crossing / album so this is a very special place for us and it was our first visit to London!!! We had a fabulous time ...... We will return!! Mike Bailey"...........[Glad to hear you had such a great time Mike - and how fitting that Abbey should get to stand on the spot that was the inspiration for her name! Good to know that you'll be coming back!........Jeff]
""They say it's my birthday!"..........This is me, Donna Harlan, and my husband, Jim, crossing Abbey Road on my 67th birthday, November 27, 2016. We are from La Palma, CA and are taking our first trip abroad--9 countries in 16 days! This was the best way to begin our holiday! "I'm gonna have a good time!"............[Happy Birthday Donna! What a great way to celebrate!......Jeff]